October 14, 2019

ISO Rating Lowered!

In January 2013, your Morton Township Fire Department was notified that the Township had received a lower ISO rating (Insurance Services Organization) of 7, reduced from ISA 9.
That new rating in 2013 reflected improvements Chief Allen Sutherby and his team had researched, proposed and installed, which ISO recognized. That new rating also allowed, in many cases, homeowners’ insurance premiums to be significantly lowered because of that better rating.

Now, effective October 1, 2019, after a 5-year detailed review and evaluation, ISO has once again established for Morton a lower rating from 7 to ISO 6. This applies to “all properties within 5 miles of a recognized fire station.” We missed an ISO 5 rating by only 2 points!

To receive the potential benefit of this change, contact your insurance provider.

Documentation of the evaluation is available at the Morton Township Hall and will soon be posted on the department’s website.
Allen D. Sutherby, Fire Chief                                  Dick Wheeler, Supervisor
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