April 28, 2021

Morton Township Recycling News!

A new recycling building is coming soon!! Construction begins next week. Please be patient while we are making improvements to the recycling center.

We are going to attempt to keep recycling open on Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon during construction but will only have one lane open to the compactor. The cardboard containers will still be accessible but not from the gravel area. Recycling staff will direct cars. If we find that remaining open creates to much congestion or confusion we will close temporarily during construction. We are looking forward to using the new facilities when completed!

We do not accept black plastic bags. Please put your items in clear or white bags or reusable containers.
The items you are recycling MUST be clean. We will not accept dirty items.
The cardboard bins are for cardboard ONLY! Boxes must be broken down.
Do not leave recyclables at the facility when we are closed.

Thank you!
Stephanie McNeal, Morton Township Clerk