October 20, 2021

New Recycling Building Now Open

Your new recycling building is now open. After months of planning and construction, we are using our new facility. We have created a drive-thru to drop off your recyclable materials. Corrugated cardboard is now dropped off inside the building to be baled, rather than outside in the blue containers. Baling the cardboard in house will be a cost savings to the township in two ways; we do not have to pay to have it removed and we can sell it to a company that buys recyclable products. This is a huge benefit to us going forward. Another benefit to our new building is that our dedicated recycling staff will have shelter in inclement weather. The drive-thru is intended to make the material drop off process more efficient; cardboard goes to the right and the other recyclable items go to the left. Only corrugated cardboard needs to be separated. The thinner cardboard (fiberboard) from cereal boxes, cracker boxes and other food items can be and should be put into the compactor, not the baler.  Please be patient with our new process while we are working to improve recycling in Morton Township.