Morton Township Recycling

Recycling in Michigan began in 1976 when the “bottle deposit law” was passed by legislation. Morton Township first began offering a recycling service for Township residents in 2009. In all of 2018, Township residents on Saturday mornings brought to the Recycling Center on 9 Mile Road over 100 tons of materials for recycling. Expanding this service is under scrutiny by the Township Board. We do anticipate in the near future significant increases in the demand for this important service.

Meanwhile, our Recycling Center is open every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to Noon at our Business Park on 9 Mile Road.

The list of acceptable materials can be viewed by clicking here and/or available at the Recycling Center. No garbage or hazardous materials are accepted and everything that is bundled or bagged needs to be in a clear bag. Cardboard is accepted but in separate bins.

Further questions can be answered at the Township offices at 231-972-7138.